Taking a holiday is about going on a relaxing or thrilling and fun experience away from the daily grind. Being organized with your plans can help keep the holiday flowing smoothly. So when it comes to taking your credit card on holiday here are a few good tips to help you prepare:

Tell your credit card provider

An overseas transaction can someones get flagged as potential fraud activity. So before travelling do remember to call your credit card provider and let them know where and what dates you will be taking your credit card on holiday. This will avoid your transactions overseas being mistaken as a possible fraud alert. 


Check the card expiry date

Imagine travelling and enjoying the moment with a sense of feeling carefree and then suddenly you realise your credit card is going to expire tomorrow. Yikes, a total buzz kill! So do remember to check the expiry date on your card to ensure it will at least be valid for the duration of your travel.


Note down the contacts

I guess that today we have access to wifi, so if someone ever loses their credit card the provider's contact details are online. But just in case there's no wifi around you, do stay prepared by noting down the lost and stolen contact numbers on your phone.

If you're unlucky and lose your card and need a new card urgently then check out omg what do I do if lose my credit card overseas. 


Try to avoid cash advances

Cash advances are not free of charges, they come with high interest charges. For that reason, do resist the temptation of drawing cash with your credit card unless you really need to.

You can choose other alternatives like a prepaid or debit card to draw cash from. Or you can exchange a modest amount of cash before flying out. 


Double check the amount

When purchasing items do always double check the amount you are paying before you swipe, sign or key in your pin.

On the invoice or receipt cross out any blank lines before or after the total so that additional digits cannot be added later. If the merchant makes an error when running the transaction then you should kindly tear up their copy of the receipt.


Don't use public wifi when online banking

A public network can be easier for fraudsters to penetrate network connections and gain access to your banking details. Do not use public wifi spots to log into your online banking or check your accounts.


Check transactions when return home

As soon as you return home, check your account transactions carefully.

If fraudsters overseas somehow accessed or skimmed your card details then you have may odd transactions showing on your account. Sometimes it's easy to spot the odd transaction amounts and types.

If you do see any suspicious transactions then contact your credit card provider immediately. 


Setup auto payments

If you’re overseas for longer than one month, then do set up automatic payments so that you don’t have to worry about missing on paying bills etc. while on your holiday.


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