You have been waiting for this holiday for months or years and the day has finally arrived. You are filled with excitement, joy and adventure as you embark on your holiday trip overseas. Your itinerary is packed with activities, sightseeing, catching up with friends, dining at restaurants and experiencing the nightlife. 

But something happens that you didn’t foresee in your plans: somehow you've lost your credit card. This could happen at any time during a holiday and could quickly cause a heart-racing panic with a sense of confusion about what to do next. The next steps could be the difference between continuing an enjoyable holiday or having the next comings days feeling like a nightmare. 

To keep your holiday trip enjoyable and panic-free, here’s what you should know in case you, unfortunately, lose your credit card overseas.

Call Your Bank ASAP


Yes, you are probably thinking that his action is somewhat obvious, and you are right. Call your bank as quick as possible to report that your card has been lost or stolen. The bank can either place a block or cancel your card immediately. Doing this as quickly as possible will stop thieves or anybody being able to use your credit card or even maxing out your limit. 

Now, if you need a credit card or cash into your hands asap then check out your options below. 

1st Option - Standard Replacement Credit Card Mailed Overseas


Depending on how many more days remain on your holiday, you can ask your bank to directly mail a replacement card to your hotel or place of accommodation. This can take up to 14 business days for your new credit card arrive.

So if your holiday is continuing for at least another 14 days then this could be a great option. But, if you're flying back home much sooner then check out other suitable options below. One thing to keep in mind is that having a new credit card mailed overseas could likely incur you an overseas replacement card fee of approximately $20.


 2nd Option - Urgent Replacement Overseas


An urgent replacement means that while traveling overseas you can get a credit card back in your hands within 24 to 48 hours. Now that’s really cool!

But to arrange for this you will need to contact the Global Emergency Services of the credit card network provider and not your actual bank or issuer. Which means you will need to make a phonecall MasterCard, Visa or American Express Travel Services to make this happen. See their contacts below too. 

3rd Option - Emergency Cash Advance Overseas


Now, this option is speedy and super cool! Most people do not know this option exists unless they actually had to use this service in the past.

This access to cash backup service allows you get an emergency cash advance in the local currency within 2 hours (Yes you read correctly, 2 hours!). Now that’s speed! This quick cash advance is not arranged through your bank or credit card provider, but again it's provided via the Global Emergency Services of the network provider - see contacts below. 

Global Emergency Services Contact Links

Mastercard Global Services
Visa Global Customer Assistance Services
American Express Global Services

Save this page or send it to a friend who likes to travel. Enjoy your next holiday and hopefully, now you're better prepared if in the event you lose your credit card overseas and need a replacement or cash urgently!


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