It's that time of the year when you walk through the shopping centers and Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere. And, if you're like me, suddenly you realize that the holiday season is surprisingly here. Then comes the wave of thoughts on what presents to buy for family, friends, and co-workers. But we don't all think about how to get more with credit card reward points when Christmas shopping up until now. 

Yep, Christmas can get a little stressful... Try not to stress, but if you do sometimes like me then at least get some reward points for it.  

Here are some simple reminders for how to reward yourself during the Christmas shopping season:

Use A High Points Credit Card

Buy gifts with a credit card that earns high reward points for every dollar spent on Christmas gifts. After finishing your gift shopping, rightfully treat yourself from the earned rewards points with a massage, cash back or a holiday trip etc. Here are some reward point credit cards to use. 

Remember reward cards work best when the statement balance is paid in full every month. If you cannot do this, then we suggest you buy less expensive gifts or do something thoughtful that doesn’t require soo much money. If still, you want to buy gifts then definitely use a low interest rate credit card

Find a Promo Bonus Points Credit Card

High bonus point offers usually require a minimum spend amount within a given period of time. Then after you'll redeem the bonus points.

Christmas time can mean more spending and by virtue a better chance of passing the minimum spending amount. I personally use these bonus offer points towards booking my flights for holidays. Here are some hot bonus offers!

Check for Unused Reward Points.

Check your existing credit card for unused rewards points.

Log in to your online banking or check your statement for unused reward points to buy gifts, get cash back or gift cards. This can take a load off your spending.

Share with us below how you got more rewarded with points this Christmas.