Having your credit card transaction declined right at the final checkout point online or in store with a long queue of shoppers behind you... we want to avoid this. But here are some steps to overcome dealing with these scenarios. 

Step 1:

First, remember a credit card decline transaction can happen to anyone. I heard a story once of a CEO of a major bank having his transaction declined by his own bank... we can all relate.


Step 2:

Become aware that there are soo many different reasons why a transaction can be declined. Keep your cool, because it may just be the bank taking extra security measures.


Step 3:

Look on the back of your credit card and call the bank customer service number to find out the actual reason why and try rectify it on the spot.

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Step 4:

If for some reason you still cannot use the card. It’s always smart to carry a second credit card in case of such situations. Get a second credit card to quickly get you out of there with your purchase.

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Hopefully, now you got the confidence in overcoming a transaction decline. We commend you!

In the comments below, feel free to share your transaction decline experience or story. 

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