Currently, the HSBC Platinum credit card has a hot balance transfer offer enticing many new customers. The benefits of choosing this card don’t stop there, though. Sign up today and take advantage of a no annual fee in first year offer, interest-free days on purchases, valuable travel and shopping perks, and a rewards program. Read on for the lowdown on this enticing card.

3 key benefits of the HSBC Platinum

Long Balance Transfer

0% p.a for 26 months & 1% transfer fee. New customers only.

$0 Annual Fee with BT Offer

$0 in first year, then it's $129 per year.

Airport Lounge Access

2 airport lounge passes yearly to over 1,100 lounges worldwide.

Who can apply?

  • Age & Residence: Must be over 18 years of age and an Australian resident.

  • Minimum Income: $40,000

  • Credit Rating: Have a good credit rating.


Apply now to HSBC's secure website.

Here's what we think about it

We like that the HSBC Platinum card gives customers a 26 months’ balance transfer so they can save money on interest and reduce their credit card debt without expensive fees getting in the way. There’s only a 1% transfer fee to transfer your balance over.

Cardholders who transfer a balance over receive a $0 annual fee offer in the first year. As a result, qualifying customers can utilise all the benefits of the card without paying anything in fees for first year. 

Some of the excellent services we like that cardholders can take advantage of relate to travel. With this card, kick back in comfort at the airport while you wait for a flight, with 2 complimentary lounge passes annually.

On top of this, travellers will be keen to learn that the HSBC Platinum card provides users with domestic and international travel insurance, plus rental vehicle and transit accident insurance

Your annual spending on the card will also help you earn points you can then redeem for frequent flyer miles, gift cards, or even cash back. Note, though, that HSBC limits points earning to 10,000 per statement period. If you don’t mind paying an annual fee and want to be free to earn more points per statement period, you may want to compare other cards before you make your decision.

Plus, new purchases on the card will still receive up to 55 days interest-free even after transferring your balance transfer over. 


What do you get with the HSBC Platinum? All the details you need:

Balance Transfer Offer

Be aware that the balance transfer is available to new credit card customers only. If you’re in this category and transfer your balance, the HSBC Platinum credit card saves you money with its current offer of no transfer fee and 0% interest on your transferred balance for 26 months (1% transfer fee applies). This amount must not exceed 90% of the approved card limit, though. 

After the initial 26-month period, any remaining transferred balance will be subjected to 21.99% interest per annum. The current offer may change or end at any time, so if you’re interested, it’s wise to apply for the HSBC Platinum today. 


No Annual Fee In The First Year

While the card's yearly access cost is $129 p.a., this fee is waived in the first if you transfer your balance over to HSBC. 


Lounge Access & Travel Insurances

Cardholders get to use 2 complimentary airport lounge passes annually, choosing from over 1,100 lounges worldwide. They also receive membership in the LoungeKey program. Each lounge pass is for entry for a single person, while the LoungeKey membership is limited to the primary cardholder. 

As mentioned above, the HSBC Platinum card also provides cardholders with insurance for domestic and international travel, rental vehicles, and transit accidents. 


Earn Reward Or Flyer Points

With this card, you’ll collect HSBC “Rewards Plus” points on eligible new purchases. Customers earn 2 points per $1 spent overseas and a single point on other buys, up to the 10,000 points cap per statement period. 

When ready, redeem these points for e-Gift cards, cash back onto your account, or Virgin’s Velocity frequent flyer points. Each Rewards Plus point can be converted into 0.5 Velocity points.  


Interest-Free Days on Purchases

You can make purchases on the card even after transferring your balance over and will get up to 55 days interest-free on those purchases. Just keep in mind, that to get the interest free days you must pay off the outstanding balance of those purchases for each statement period and by the due date, otherwise, the interest rate on new spending will be 19.99% p.a. 


Shopping Protection, Entertainment & Mobile Pay

This card also delivers if you like to shop and attend concerts and dinners and other fun events. It comes with shopping insurance built-in and other entertainment benefits. Once signed up, you’ll enjoy purchase protection, extended warranty insurance, and access to the “guaranteed pricing” scheme. 

On top, you can buy tickets to all the cool events you want via the Visa Premium Benefits program. You’ll receive complimentary access to this as a cardholder. Plus, add to a free membership to Frequent Values, a program where users can take advantage of deals such as 25% retail savings and 20% off dining at select businesses. 

Mobile payments aren’t forgotten, either. The HSBC Platinum credit card works with both Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Apply now to HSBC's secure website. T&Cs apply.


HSBC Platinum's Key Facts

Annual Fee$129 p.a. or $0 in first year with the balance transfer offer.
Minimum Credit Limit$6,000
Purchase Interest Rate19.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Rate21.99% p.a.
Interest Free Days on PurchasesUp to 55 days
Minimum Income$40.000 p.a.
Rewards ProgramHSBC Plus
Insurance BenefitsTravel & Shopping Insurances
Multiple additional cards for family or friends over 16 yearsYes (no fees)
Late Payment Fees$30
Foreign Transaction Fees3%
Cash Advance FeesThe higher of 3% or $4

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