Finding and comparing the credit card offers in the market is easier than one may think. Whether it's bonus points, interest free purchase rates, balance transfers or a combo of offers, we can help.

Use our site Kredmo to find the credit card offers available. Plus, see tips on what to eyeball and how to compare the credit card deals.

What are credit card offers?

Credit card offers make the new credit card very worthwhile. Especially when scoring a major or limited time only offer.

Generally, there are conditions that do come with these offers.  For example, for bonus point offers, you must spend a minimum amount on the credit card. This spend is usually required in the first few months of getting the card.


Types of credit card offers available

Bonus Reward Points 

Likely the most popular offer in the credit card market. Redeeming enough points to trade in for something you want can feel like it takes forever. Starting with a bonus points speeds up the time. 

Points come in the form of reward points or frequent flyer points. Bonus points are only given if you meet the minimum spending condition. Compare Bonus Reward Point Offers.

Tip: Going for the biggest point offer can be very tempting. But remember to also compare the points per $1 spend between your options. That way you have a high-point earning card that serves you well after the bonus offer ends.


Purchase Interest Rate Offers

These offer a 0% p.a. introductory interest promotion over a short period of time. For example, a common introductory rate is 0% p.a. for 6 months on purchases on the credit card. That means no interest charges on your spending in the first 6 months. Compare Purchase Rate Offers.

Tip: Make your monthly minimum payments on time to keep your interest free offer alive. Missed payments can revoke the interest-free offer. 


Balance Transfer Offers

Handy if needing a break from paying interest or want to bundle multiple credit cards into one. These balance transfer promotions can start at 0% p.a. and sometimes offer up to 36 months. A rule of thumb is the lower the interest and longer the term then the better the promotion is.

In general, most balance transfers allow the use of up to 80% of your credit limit for balance transfers. Compare Balance Transfer Offers.

Tip: Compare also the balance transfer fee and annual fee between the deals in the market. 


Cashback Offers

Cashback offers are rare to spot in the market. When it comes to rewards, nothing beats getting money back in your pocket. Like bonus point offers the cash backs require a minimum spend to get the offer. Over the last year in the market, we’ve seen the highest cashback bonus offer at $250. See Best Cashback Bonus Offers.

Tip: Consider how much you'll pay the annual fee in relation to the cashback when comparing these offers. 


Typical conditions that come with offers

New cardmembers only. Most offers in the market are available to only those people applying for that offer or card for the first time. 

Minimum monthly repayments required. The account has to be in good standing for the offers to continue running.  This applies to bonus points, balance transfers and purchase rate offers.

Bonus points credited in 6 – 10 weeks. Generally, the bonus points are credited between 6 - 8 weeks after passing the spending conditions.  

Points can be forfeited. If you close your credit card account before your points are used or transferred, you then may lose the points.

These don’t count as spending transactions. Transactions such as cash advances, balance transfers, refunds, chargebacks and special promotions do not count as spending.

No interest-free days with balance transfers. Interest-free days are generally not provided while a balance transfer is active. Thus, all spending is charged interest at the ongoing purchase rate, unless the balance transfer is paid off in full.  


Consider these for when the offers end

Reverted Interest Rate. This is the interest rate applied any remaining balance after the balance transfer offer ends.  

Reward point credit cards. Compare the points per $1 spend between cards too and not only the bonus point offer. Try land a bonus point offer with a high point per $1 earning rate. That way you'll have a keeper for after the bonus offer period ends.


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