What a wild ride 2020 was! Everyone was tested with many hurdles on different fronts, more so financially. 

Even as we hope for the best in 2021, we must prepare for anything that could happen. Finances, just so, happen to be one of those things that one ought to manage appropriately from the get-go.

You can hit your budget goals with some pocket-fitting tools. And no, not calculators. We are talking about personal budgeting apps that will help you track and better manage your finances. 

Below, we've put together a list of the 5 best budgeting and savings apps that Aussies can use.

1. MoneyBrilliant

Cost: Free and Premium plan ($9.90/month after a 30-day trial).

Availability: Google Play and App Store.

Rating: 4.5 stars on App Store by over 8,000 users. Downloaded over 50,000 times.

Key features

  • Syncs different Australian bank accounts.
  • Automatic transaction categorisation.
  • Bill watch feature that helps you locate the cheapest deal on service providers.
  • Allows you to set savings goals, create budgets and monitor your progress.

MoneyBrilliant packs a diverse set of features, this all-in-one app helps you understand your spending habits.

It supports many banks and financial institutions within Australia, allowing you to sync your account. Users can also connect with their credit cards, superannuation accounts, loans, and investment portfolios. 

The basic plan has just about enough functionalities for everything you'd likely need. Among these is sorting and categorizing your expenses.

Whereas the premium version allows you to get all the features within app, with one of them being tax deduction option that helps you review tax-deductible expenses depending on your job.


2. Frollo

Cost: Free.

Availability: App Store and Google Play.

Rating: 3.8 stars on Google Play by over 63 users & downloaded 5,000+ times.

Key features

  • Syncs various bank accounts.
  • Gives you saving challenges.
  • First to become an accredited data recipient pursuant to the new consumer data right (giving consumers more control over their banking data).

Frollo is not as popular as other options, but it has got your back when it comes to all things budgeting and saving.

It is one of the best mobile apps when it comes to monitoring multiple accounts. Just like MoneyBrilliant, it syncs a user's superannuation, credit cards, overseas assets, bank accounts, loans, and investment portfolio. 

The application has a dashing but straightforward interface that gives even the most basic user a good experience. 

Has a challenge function that allows you to participate in timed (daily, weekly, and monthly) challenges to save money. It also features a native Frollo Score (calculated based on your debt level, savings made, and spending habits) that rates your financial performance on a scale of 1 to 1,000.


3. Pocketbook

Cost: Free.

Availability: App Store and Google Play.

Rating: 4-star average rating on App Store and Google Play from a combined 15,000+ ratings. Download by 350,000+ users so far.

Key features

  • Syncs all your Aussie bank accounts.
  • Categorises the majority of your financial transactions.
  • Has a comprehensive FAQ section for newbies.
  • Tracks your bills and recurring subscriptions.

Pocketbook not only claims to be the best PA for your finances but also lives up to this claim.

It comes with everything you'd expect to find in the best budgeting app. It comes with an automatic sync feature that delivers a comprehensive view of your spending. 

The app categorises your transactions so you can easily see where you need to trim or set limits. You can set reminders so that you are notified when you hit your safe spending limit.

However, its biggest drawback is that the sort feature 'doesn't categorise all your transactions. The majority of them will be sorted, but a few end up as 'unclassified' spending.  As a trade-off, it gives you the option to sort these transactions on the app manually.


4. ATO

Cost: Free.

Availability: App Store and Google Play.

Rating: 4 stars average rating from almost 2,000 reviews. Very popular on Google Play Store with 500,000+ downloads.

Key features

  • Easily track your tax return using the app.
  • Deduction tracker that helps you monitor your expenses.
  • Quick data transfer from the app to the ATO.

You're probably wondering how a tax-related app found its way into this list. Well, once you see what the ATO app has to offer, you'll agree its place on this list is justified. This app from the Australian Taxation Office helps you track your finances, particularly your tax returns and expenses. 

It supports voice log-in and allows you to look up any Australian Business Number. In addition, the app lets you calculate the tax amount to withhold from your pay.

You can also set reminders for dates that you deem important.


5. Finch

Cost: Free.

Availability: Google Play.

Rating: Impressive 4.8 stars by over 240 reviews and downloaded 10,000+ times. 

Key features

  • Instantly send and receive payments.
  • Easily tracks expenses.
  • Payment alerts and reminders.
  • Automatic splitting of bills in scenarios like sharing expenses.

Launched in 2018, Finch is an award-winning app and an effective tool for tracking your social spending. It was crowned the Best Digital Wallet Fintech and Best Personal Finance App not long after its launch.

The app helps you manage your expenses, more so shared ones. You can use Finchsights, a feature that gives you tips on how to cut down on spending. 

In addition to tracking your finances, you can also make instant payments or receive payments on the app. The shared expenses function makes it suitable for users that fear losing when splitting the bill.

The app's downside is that this function only works if the people involved are signed to the app.


6. Your Own Bank's App

You can also give your bank app a shot as you look to find the best budgeting app that suits your needs. Some bank apps have features that help you stick to your budget, such as an overview of your spending, and so you see where you need to trim.

Neobank apps also have saving features like the 'roundup' function that rounds off your transactions to the nearest dollar and deposits the remaining amount in your savings.


Although this isn't an exhaustive list, the apps above should be well suited for you if you're looking to get your finances and spending in order.

Note that no budgeting app is ideal for everyone since individual needs are different. Take time to assess your situation and choose the best budgeting app that works for you.

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