Are there any simple ways for you to improve your credit card habits? The answer is, yep you guessed it, of course.

Every new year we set personal goals or resolutions to change our individual habits to improve our lives. So let's take this New Year's resolution challenge head-on by exercising better credit card habits too!

So here are a few simple credit card habits to assist you in the new year!

Set Up Direct Debit Payments

I really recommend that you use the direct debit payment option to make your monthly repayments.

Direct debit payments do make life just that little bit easier. Reserve your mental energy and memory for doing the fun things like planning your next holiday trip and not for reminding yourself every month to manually make a payment. 

Setting this up can save you missing a payment and putting a dent in your repayment history. You'll avoid getting charged late payments fees too. 

So go ahead and try setting up your direct debit payment now before reading on further.


Do More Than The Minimum

There are two clever steps you can take here.

First is do your very best to repay more than the bare minimum amount every month. The second is work on cleaning up your spending habits to bring down your spending costs and shrink that stubborn owing balance. 

If your owing balance is super high and you feel a sense of struggle trying to pay it off, then pick up the phone and call your bank to find a lower interest rate product. Your bank can maybe switch you over to a lower interest rate credit card or unsecured loan.


Try Avoid Cash Advances

Do your best to avoid cash advances, unless you really, I mean really have no other choice.

Drawing cash from your credit card means you will start paying interest immediately regardless of the interest rate free period. 

The interest on cash advances is charged on a daily basis until you pay back the drawn amount and the cash advance fee that's typically between 2% to 3%.

If you're in real need of cash then maybe chat to a friend hehe or just call your bank to find other lower interest rate options. 


Eye Your Spending

Keep a close eye on your credit card balance on the regular. We can all speak from experience it's way too easy to spend beyond what we can actually afford.

Some banks even allow you to set up text or email alerts for your account to help you can keep a closer eye on your spending.

Check your monthly statement to better understand your spending habits and try to play a game of "where can I cut back on my purchases". Look for waste spending like unnecessary paid fees or unused monthly memberships.  


Have The Right Credit Card

Making sure to have the right credit card that fits your needs can save you a bunch of money or get you way more rewards.

If you have a stubborn high balance on your credit card then try finding a low interest rate credit card.

If you love rewards then try finding a high rewards credit card that gives more reward points or promotions so you get that free holiday flight quicker. 



Share below with us your credit card resolutions. Let’s conquer together!

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