Credit CardBalance TransferTransfer FeeAnnual Fee
HSBC Platinum0% for 22 months0%$0*
Woolworths Everyday Platinum0% for 14 months0%$0*
Virgin No Annual Fee0% for 12 months0%$0
Citi Simplicity0% for 6 months0%$0

Take a timeout on paying credit card interest for six months or more with some of the best 0% balance transfer offer with no balance transfer fees. Depending on preferences, there are choices between longer-term offers which usually have an annual fee and the short terms with slightly lower annual fees. Either way, you'll still save on the balance transfer fee which generally ranges between one and three percent. 

Before accepting an offer, do also remember that they come with terms and conditions. These T&Cs commonly include offers only available new cardholders or new customers only, a balance transfer limit of up to 80% of the new card’s credit allowance. Plus, you'll have to keep making the minimum payments each month during the balance transfer months in order to keep the offer. 

If you're looking for more options then use our credit card comparison site to compare several different credit card types, including more 0% balance transfer fee credit cards currently available in Australia.

HSBC Platinum

  • Balance Transfer: 0% for 22 months.

  • Balance Transfer Fee: 0%.

  • Annual Fee: $129 or refunded if you spend over $6,000 per year.

Why We Like It:

If you’re a new customer transferring your balance, the HSBC Platinum saves you money by charging no transfer fee. 

It also allows 0% interest on your transferred balance for 22 months. You’ll pay 21.99% per annum on transferred balances remaining after this time.

Enjoy 2 complimentary airport lounge passes annually, and access to the Home & Away Privilege Program. You also get domestic and international travel insurance, rental vehicle insurance, and transit accident insurance.

While the yearly access cost of the card is $129 p.a., this annual fee is refunded if you spend at least $6,000 on purchases over the year (balance transfer however do not count as a purchase).  


Extra Benefits: 

For travellers, the HSBC card is handy as it provides a long list of insurance and other travel and entertainment benefits

Sign up and utilise purchase protection, extended warranty insurance, and the “guaranteed pricing” scheme, too. 

Plus, cardholders receive complimentary access to Visa Premium Benefits to buy tickets to cool events. And enjoy free membership to Frequent Values, which provides discounts offers like 20% off dining and retail savings of up to 25%. 

Collect reward points on new purchases with 2 points per $1 spent overseas and 1 point on other buys. (Points aren’t earnt on balance transfers, and are capped at $10,000 per statement period.) 

For mobile payments, you can easily use Apple Pay or Google Pay


Income Eligibility: 

Minimum income required is $40,000.


Virgin Low Rate

  • Balance Transfer: 0% for 14 months.

  • Balance Transfer Fee: 0%.

  • Annual Fee: $49.

Why We Like It:

Virgin Low Rate could be a credit card to keep after you using its balance transfer offer. Because of its low interest rate and low annual fee.

With no transfer fee you can get a 0% for 14 months balance transfer offer. After the promotion any balances remaining are subjected to its cash advance rate of 21.69% p.a.

The only cost when accepting the offer is paying its low annual fee of $49 p.a


Extra Benefits: 

The new purchases on the credit card will receive an interest rate of 11.99% p.a. And interest-free days are 55 days, but if you've accepted a balance transfer offer then interest-free days won't apply unless the full statement balance is paid off.

Only a few credit cards in the market have cashback offers. Its offer is 10% cash back (capped at $100 total) on spending in the first 3 months (not including balance transfers). 

If you prefer doing mobile payments, then with an Android smartphone you can use Samsung Pay with this card. 


Income Eligibility: 

The minimum income required is $35,000.


Woolworths Everyday Platinum

  • Balance Transfer: 0% for 14 months.

  • Balance Transfer Fee: 0%.

  • Annual Fee: $0 in 1st year, thereafter it's $49 p.a.

Why We Like It:

Are you searching for a fee-free card, at least in the first year of the balance transfer? If so, check out the Woolworths Everyday Platinum credit card. 

Currently has an annual fee offer of zero dollars for the first year, and a low $49 p.a. after. 

There’s no transfer fee at all to move your balance across to this card, and you’ll have 14 months to pay it off. 

Any amount left of your transferred balance gets charged the cash advance rate of 21.99% p.a.


Extra Benefits: 

Being a store credit card from Woolworths, this product comes with a fun perk of a $50 Woolworths eGift Card when you spend over $150 each month for 3 months. You can shop in-store or online to hit this target, and the card can be used via Apple Pay, too.

You’ll earn points on certain purchases when using this card – 3 points for every $1 on purchases of Woolworths Select and Woolworths brand products. Collect 2 points for every $1 spent on other purchases Woolies, and 1-2 points on every $1 spent on eligible purchases at other participating outlets. 

The card has a cash-back feature, too. For every 2,000 Woolworths Rewards points earned, you automatically get $10 off your next eligible shop.

Have a credit limit of at least $6,000? If so, enjoy Platinum Extras on top. This provides Wallet Guard and Purchase Security insurances, along with 24/7 concierge services and access to the Visa luxury hotel collection.  


Income Eligibility: 

Minimum income required is $30,000.


Virgin No Annual Fee (BT Offer)

  • Balance Transfer: 0% for 12 months.

  • Balance Transfer Fee: 0%.

  • Annual Fee: $0.

Why We Like It:

The Virgin No Annual Fee (BT Offer) is another card with reduced costs. It boasts a no-cost transfer fee on a 12-month balance transfer at 0% interest

After the first year, you’ll pay 21.99% interest per annum on any remaining transfer balance. 

The purchase rate is standard at 18.99% p.a., and the minimum credit limit is $2,000.  


Extra Benefits: 

For mobile payments, you can use this card on the Samsung Pay app. 


Income Eligibility: 

Minimum income required is $25,000.

Citi Simplicity

  • Balance Transfer: 0% for 6 months.

  • Balance Transfer Fee: 0%.

  • Annual Fee: $0.

Why We Like It:

The Citi Simplicity is a no annual fee credit card with a no balance transfer fee for a 0% for 6 months offer.

Any balance remaining after the balance transfer term will revert to a rate of 22.24% p.a. Its purchase interest rate is 21.49% p.a and minimum credit limit of $6,000

This card can also be suited for shoppers who need a little extra security as they shop online or in-store. As it includes purchase protection, extended warranty insurance, and guaranteed pricing. 


Extra Benefits: 

Also provides Visa Front Line Access & Citi World Privileges memberships for access of tickets to shows, hotel discounts and more.


Income Eligibility: 

Minimum income required is $35,000.


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