ANZ Rewards is one of the biggest credit card reward programs in Australia. Here’s what you need to know about earning points and redeeming rewards with ANZ Rewards credit cards. 

Big rewards earned easy with 3 ANZ credit cards

Currently, ANZ offers 3 credit cards in their Rewards program. 

Every time you make an eligible purchase you earn yourself reward points to redeem for a range of gifts from electronics to facials, gift cards, and cash back. 

Points earned per $1 spend vary between the 3 cards. We cover what you can earn with each card a little further along.

Credit Card

  • Bonus Points Offer
  • Points Per $1 Spend
  • Annual Fee
ANZ Rewards Black
ANZ Rewards Black
  • Bonus Points Offer 180,000 Reward Points
  • Points Per $1 Spend 2
  • Annual Fee $375
  • Domestic & International Travel Insurance
  • Purchase Protection
ANZ Rewards Platinum
ANZ Rewards Platinum
  • Bonus Points Offer 120,000 Reward Points
  • Points Per $1 Spend 1.5
  • Annual Fee $95
  • Travel Insurance
  • Purchase Protection
ANZ Rewards
ANZ Rewards
  • Bonus Points Offer 50,000 Reward Points
  • Points Per $1 Spend 1
  • Annual Fee $80

Choose from hundreds of awesome ways to be rewarded with your ANZ points

Check out just a few of the awesome ways you can spend your ANZ Rewards points on entertainment, gift cards, shopping vouchers, merchandise and more! 

Cash back

When you redeem your Reward Points for ANZ Cashback, credit of a nominated value will be allocated to your ANZ Rewards, ANZ Rewards Platinum, or ANZ Rewards Black account.

Gift cards

For flexibility on how you spend your points, a range of gift cards are on offer including; 

✓  Coles and Coles Express

✓  Westfields

✓  Caltex Starcash

Travel rewards

Indulge your wanderlust with flexible travel rewards for local and international experiences such as;

✓ Rydges Gift Card

✓ Flight Centre Gift cards

✓ Convert your points to frequent flyer points with Singapore Airlines, Virgin Blue Velocity Points program, Air New Zealand Airpoints, or Asia Miles. 

✓ Europcar or Hertz car rental gift cards.

Gifts, entertainment, and experiences

✓ Swim with dolphins

✓ Tickets for the movies

✓ A bottle of bubbles or an Aussie gourmet hamper


✓ Apple AirPods Pro

✓ MacBook Pro

✓ Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa.

This is just a small selection of reward options. There are hundreds of items available to redeem in other categories including home and garden, kids, fashion, beauty, outdoors, and even donations.


ANZ Reward PointsReedem For
10,000 Points$100 Retail Gift Card
$100 Flight Centre Gift Card
5,000 Velocity Points
Event Screen Savers - 2 Adult Passes
25,000 Points$100 Cashback
Google Nest Mini
Dreamworld 3 Day Ticket Adult
92,000 PointsApple AirPods Pro

Surprise! Your dream rewards automatically delivered to your door

The Auto Redemption feature lets you choose the reward you want and have it automatically sent once you earn the rewards points required.


Genius tips to supercharge your reward earning power 

These easy tips will have you racking up rewards points all over the place. 

Use a high reward earning card

Choosing a high reward earning card is the key to supersizing your points balance!

Of the 3 ANZ credit cards in the rewards program, the highest earning rewards card is ANZ Rewards Black.

CardPoints per $1 spend
ANZ Rewards Black
Highest reward earner
2 Reward points on purchases of up to $5,000 per statement period and 1 Reward point thereafter.
ANZ Rewards Platinum1.5 Reward points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $2,000 per statement period 0.5 Reward points per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $2,000 per statement period
ANZ Rewards1 Reward point per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $1,000 per statement period 0.5 Reward points per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $1,000 per statement period

*only available for new ANZ Rewards cardholders or those who haven’t held an ANZ Rewards card within the last 12 months.

*The above information is current as of March 2021.

Bonus points sign up offer

All 3 cards currently offer generous bonus points for new cardholders.

ANZ Rewards BlackReceive 130,000 Reward points and $150 back when you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months.
ANZ Rewards Platinum100,000 bonus rewards points and $50 back when you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months
ANZ Rewards50,000 bonus rewards you spend $1,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

What are eligible purchases for ANZ rewards?

You can earn points on a range of everyday purchases. You can’t earn Reward points on transactions including fees, cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers and transactions for gambling or gaming purposes. 

Bonus Reward Points will not be earned in the Bonus Points Mall on the purchase of gift cards, GST or delivery and shipping charges. Read more about eligible purchases here. 


How to redeem your ANZ rewards and check your balance

  Login to ANZ Rewards website (To register, visit

  Check your Reward Points balance 

  Select your rewards 

  Confirm your redemption.

You can also redeem your rewards over the phone by calling the ANZ Rewards Centre on 1300 367 763.


When do points expire?

Don’t miss out on redeeming your rewards in time. Reward points expire within 36 months of 31 December of the year in which the Reward point was added to a Points Record. 

For example, if you accrue 20,000 points in 2021 before 31st December, you can use them right up until 31st December 2024. After this time, they’ll expire and be cancelled. 


Are you eligible for ANZ Rewards? 

To eligible for an ANZ Rewards credit card, you must at least meet all the conditions below:

  Must be 18 years of age or over.

  Be a permanent Australian resident or a non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa.

 ✓ Have a good credit rating. 

 ✓ If applying for the bonus offer, you must not currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Rewards Black, ANZ Rewards Platinum or an ANZ Rewards credit card in the last 12 months and meet the offer’s T&Cs. 


Conditions on claiming rewards

Only the primary cardholder can claim rewards and if your account is not in arrears, default, or suspension. Before signing up, be sure to check out the conditions on claiming rewards here.


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